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Milton Keynes Wine School was established in 2010, and we teach people about wine by concentrating on the flavours and aromas of the wines. We focus on the taste profile of each wine explaining the characteristics of the grape variety, the climate, and the winemaking, and show you with maps and photos where they came from and how they are made. We explain why they taste like they do and ask and listen to what you think about the wines. 

The evenings are, above all, fun & entertaining with a relaxed atmosphere - no previous wine tasting experience is required. The best & most enjoyable way to learn about wine is comparing the tastes of different wines side-by-side.

We also always focus on food & wine matches, and explain what type of foods would go with the chosen wines, and more importantly - why! We talk about aromas, tastes, and flavours rather than technical winemaking details.

As we do not sell wine - we can show you where to buy the best wines locally and at the best prices. We work closely with local independent wine merchants to bring you the best tasting & most interesting wines they have to offer.

Our guests come by themselves, in couples, and in larger groups, everybody is welcome! It is also a great way to meet people with the same interest in tasting & learning about wine.

Whilst all our tutors are WSET-qualified (up to at least Advanced standard) and have extensive experience of wine, they more importantly have an infectious enthusiasm for their subject and are able to communicate this to their audience without the use of confusing (& boring!) technical facts. 

George Atkinson-Clark has spent over 30 years in the Wine Trade. He has worked with Justerini & Brooks, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Cloudy Bay, Veuve Clicquot and other premium wine producers. He was for ten years UK Managing Director of Champagne Ruinart (the oldest champagne house). During his career he has visited vineyards all over the world and brings a wealth of anecdotes and interesting trivia to his tastings.

April Wine Quiz Answers


 Here are the answers to our April Quiz

1. What quantity of grapes is needed to make a bottle of Champagne?

                                              b. 1.20kg                               

2. A Nebuchadnezzar of champagne contains how many bottles?

                                               c. 20     

3. How many grapevines generally make up an acre?

                                                c. 400

4. How much wine is produced from an acre of vines

                                            c. 800 gallons

5. How many varieties of wine grapes exist in the world today?

                                           c. 10,000

6. How many calories are in a 4-ounce glass of red wine?

                                           a.    85                               

7.  What is the main red wine grape in Burgundy?

                                            a. Pinot Noir                      

8.  What is phylloxera?

                                           c. A disease in vines

9. Where in the world is the highest per capita wine consumption?

                                           a.  Vatican City                

10. A fear of wine is called what?

                                              c. Oenophobia








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