White Wines of South Africa & USA on line

White Wines of South Africa & USA on line


WORLD OF WINE - Explore the red wines of  SOUTH AFRICA & USA 


Join us for an evening of spectacular New World showstoppers! South Africa is has a long and distinguished history of wine production going back over 400 years - it is an old 'New World' wine country! Since the abolition of apartheid the quality of its wine-making has risen to showcase the talent which its history deserves. Chunky, chocolatey reds and elegant European-style whites are now the order of the day, served up by a precocious band of young, cutting edge winemakers. Likewise, in the USA, the commercial success of Gallo and Blossom Hill mean few supermarkets have room to stock anything else from California - tonight its time to uncover the truth!

Part 1: South Africa

Chenin Blanc has become South Africa's adopted white grape variety. This evening we explore how it cane to be so, how it got to SA from France and what growers in SA do to it to make it so special to them.

Part 2: USA

The USA and it's viticultural engine room, California, offer two seemingly contradictory wine images. Firstly there is the world of cheap, sweet, soft, pink wines, served by the glass in the pub and sold by the container-load in the supermarket. Secondly there is the super-premium, super-exclusive, super-expensive world of boutique Napa Valley wineries, as shown on the film Sideways. So which is the 'real' Californian wine? Tonight we will explore what they do to make oaked chardonnay to rival Burgundy

This evening is run via Zoom. Once you have booked on, we will send you the Zoom link at the start of the week of the tasting


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Places remaining: 16

Course Date/Time: Thu 12th Nov 2020 at 7pm-8pm

Duration: 1hour

Venue: Zoom

Event Price: £15.00







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